The Evaluation will consist of the following criteria.
  Midsem Test 1      :  20 %
  Midsem Test 2      :  20 %
  Endsem Test        :  40 %
  Tutorial          :  10 %
  Assignment(project):  10 %

During the tutorial the students will be asked to submit one or two problems
randomly. This will be considered in the 10 % of the tutorial evaluation.
Towards the end, hopefully with reasonable time remaining, the students will be asked   
to submit a numerical problem which will need programming/simulation using Matlab.
This forms the  10 % Assignment evaluation. 

It is expected that students learn to use MATLAB. Mr. Pratik Shah who is one of the
tutors will be very happy to help the students pick up MATLAB and other interesting
projects that can be done.

Hope we will all enjoy the process.

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