Pl. Refer to individual links in specified weeks to view the details of assignments.
For individual assignment candidate may also search for the research paper and can implement the idea after seeking approval from Course Instructor.

Assignment 1

Review and write your coments on a specified DRM research paper

Submission date: 19/01/2009 by 10.00 AM

Assignment 2

Implementation of Spread spectrum watermarking techniques

Submission date: 09/02/2009 by 10.00 AM

Assignment 3

Implementation of Quantization Index Modulation based watermarking technique and its impact on JPEG compression.

Submission date: 05/03/2009 by 10.00 AM

Assignment 4

Implementation of Fragile domain watermarking techniques.

Submission date: 19/03/2009 by 10.00 AM

Assignment 5

Implementation of Video watermarking techniques

Submission date:06/04/2009 by 10.00 AM

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