Solve the following problem using Excel:

1. A new drug for treating some disease has been proven to be effective 70% of the time. The drug is administrated to a sample of 9 patients suffering with the disease. Let the random variable X denote the number of patients cured. Simulate this sampling process 20 times, tabulate the simulated results, obtain the theoretical binomial distribution (n=9, p=0.7), and compare the simulated results.

2. Final exam grades on a particular standardized exam are normally distributed with a mean grade of 60 and a standard deviation of 10. Simulate the grades obtained on this examination by a random sample of 50 students and obtain a histogram of results.

3. A certain brand of light bulb lasts, on the average, 10,000 hour, with a standard deviation of 500 hours. The bulb lifetimes are normally distributed. Simulate the lifetime of 50 such bulbs and obtain a histogram of the results.

Link: Introduction to Probability Distribution

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