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Frequently Asked Questions
by Rakesh Shukla - Friday, 20 February 2009, 4:27 PM

Where can I get guidelines/information for the course?

Course guidelines are briefly described in PC641 MSc-IT Project.pdf file. The file is available at PC641 MSc-IT Project course on Moodle and in \\daiictpdc\academic\ MSc-IT Project Winter 2009 folder.

Where can I get templates for submissions?

The answer is the same as above.

What is the difference between a project and an internship?

A project is a planned endeavour to achieve a specific goal or to create a product or service. An internship is to gain work experience. PC641 is MSc-IT Project NOT internship.

How to determine a valid project?

The project which will add a semester worth knowledge and skills or a semester worth experience by applying knowledge and skills you learnt/developed during MSc IT program.

What are invalid projects?

Projects which are not satisfying the answer of the above question are invalid projects, for examples, execution of software written by other developers, execution of test script written by other testers, maintaining software (your own, users and developers), study of a tool/software, taking/giving classes, development of input/output forms, product marketing, only database connectivity and writing a manual.

When should I start project work?

Starting date of the project depending on the organisation's convenience/requirements but minimum duration should be 16 weeks before end of the semester.

Can I do a project based on my other professional degree I have?

The project is an integral part of MSc IT curriculum; therefore, project should be either extension or application of the courses learnt during MSc IT.

Moodle is not accepting gmail address and giving an error “already registered” when I supply DA-IICT email address. What should I do?

Use Moodle with DA-IICT email address only. Contact Help Desk and System Administrator for Moodle related problems.

My DA-IICT email address is not working. What should I do?

Contact Help Desk and System Administrator.

What is the best way to contact the coordinator for a query?

A best way is to enquire by an email. You can contact the coordinator by phone during 4 to 5 pm on working Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, meet by appointment or leave a message with the secretary.

What should I submit in the project details as my project is going to start after the due date of the submission?

Collect as much as information possible and submit the project details by due date. Submit updated version after joining the organisation. Be careful your project duration may be less than 16 weeks if you are going to start your project after the due date.

What if duration of my project work is less than 16 weeks?

Project with less than 16 weeks duration is NOT allowed as MSc-IT Project.

How to submit the project details document?

There are four options to submit the document. (1) Your supervisor can forward your document through his/her official email to the course email. Other three options you can use when your supervisor does not have an official email address. (2) Scan the signed document with organisation’s seal and submit on Moodle. (3) You deliver the signed document personally to the coordinator. (4) Send by post but should reach before the deadline.

What is an official email address?

An official email address contains organisation's domain name, such as cii@daiict.ac.in and abc@relianceada.com . Addresses with hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc. are NOT official email addresses.

Can my supervisor or an employee of the organisation prepare the project details as it contains some common and project specific information?

All the submissions, including the project details, you have to prepare. It is professionally unethical and academically plagiarism even a partial submission is prepared by other than the student.

What should I do my supervisor has resigned from the organisation? My work is going on with the help of other employees so not facing any problem.

You request the organisation for an appropriate supervisor. Submit your updated project details indicating details, duration and the work you have finished under the guidance of the first supervisor. Provide details of new supervisor.

What is an appropriate supervisor?

A higher level employee, is eligible to supervise a postgraduate student by educational qualifications, experience and designation, who are assigning project work to employees of the organisation.

What if my organization is unable to provide an appropriate supervisor?

Choose a DA-IICT faculty as a supervisor in addition to a supervisor from the organisation and work full time either at the organisation or at the campus.

What should I do when my organisation is unable to provide me a working space and I have already vacated hostel?

Immediately seek an approval from the coordinator to work full time on the campus. Better to find out an alternative or manage working full time on the campus than delaying the course for a semester due to an accommodation problem.

What are the procedures for working on the campus with a project from an organisation?

Choose a faculty supervisor, in addition to a supervisor from the organisation, and request for a dedicated computer system and space through the faculty supervisor.

What should I do if my organisation offers me to work in night shift?

You can accept if it is suitable to you and the organisation is working in night shift.

What should I do if my organisation is able to provide me working space only for few hours in a week?

You have to go for another option to work full time on the campus with the organisation’s project.

What if I do not comply a query from the coordinator/TA or provide incomplete information or do not submit a due submission?

Such negligence will result into NOT PASS grade or detain from the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions
by Rakesh Shukla - Wednesday, 6 May 2009, 10:37 AM

What is the procedure to take a leave? How many days of leave are allowed during the semester?

First you have to obtain an approval from your supervisor for any length of leave (for a part of a day to few days). Then you have to inform the same to the coordinator. You are entitled to take leave for maximum five working days or according to the rules of the organisation, whichever is less. These maximum days of leave are excluding public holidays observed by the organisation but including enforced leave from the organisation, such as audit, security issues/audit, maintenance work, and semester break in case you are working on the campus.

To whom I supply course guidelines file PC641 MSc-IT Project.pdf in the organisation?

You furnish the file to your supervisor, the officer under whom your supervisor is working and others who are directly or indirectly associated in a decision making process of your project, such as an HR representative.

Do I need to inform that the owner of the organisation or project supervisor is my relative/friend? How?

You are not allowed to work under your relative/friend due to academic integrity. Please immediately change the organisation or supervisor if an owner/supervisor is your relative/friend.

What is the procedure to ask for mercy in the assessment as I am a victim of circumstances, such as project has been assigned late, frequently moved from one project to another, supervisors changed regularly, change of organisation, too much time spent in learning new technology/techniques or environment?

You are expected to know about the project, organisation and supervisor in the beginning of your project. The project details information is devised to help you in this matter. You need to discuss with the organisation and supervisor when you are in such odd situation. You request the coordinator to intervene if you are unable to resolve it. Some students have changed project, organisation or supervisor by themselves or with the help of the coordinator in the beginning of the semester. Any circumstantial evidences will be considered as an excuse if you have not tried to resolve unusual situations by yourself or with the help of the coordinator/institute.

What I have to submit in project details information as I have submitted such information in the journals of activities?

The daily journal of activities contains activities you do to complete the project but not change in the project details. You need to submit project details information each time whenever you have any change in the information including previous information. For example: Working time during 5 January to 8 March 2009 is 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday with recess time 12 noon to 1 pm and from 9 March to 1 May 2009 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday with recess time 1 to 2 pm if your timings have been changed from 9 March. Your last submitted project details will be considered and previously submitted project details will automatically become obsolete.

What I have to submit in Mid-term Progress and Project reports as I have submitted the journals of activities?

The daily journal of activities contains activities to complete the project and the reports contain description of your project.

What content should be included in Mid-term Progress and Project reports and in which structure?

The content of your project is depending on your project work but make sure the matter describes your work and contributions clearly. You can use a structure of your choice for these reports in the provided template. General format of a technical report is first introduction of the project then various sections to describe the project and last conclusions. For more details on how to write a technical report you can use sections “How to do Research? & Scientific and Technical Writing” and “Scientific & Technical Writing” under List of Bibliographies at http://resourcecentre.daiict.ac.in/cas/bibliographies.html.

Do we have to submit only one report as we are working on the same project?

Each student has to submit separate report containing his/her contributions only. You can cite/acknowledge each other’s work if related. Make sure the reports do not contain other’s work. Please consider our plagiarism policy.

Is it fine if my organisation provides a final certificate by email?

A certificate on the organisation’s letter head containing your contributions and the duration of the project may useful to you in the near future. Thus, you have to request the organisation to give you a certificate on paper. You have to submit a photocopy of the certificate to the coordinator when you come for the seminar and defence. Please take prior approval from the coordinator if for any reason your organisation is unable to provide you certificate on their letter head.