Formulate a real life application problem into a mathematical problem & solve it using your knowledge of SC105 course.
Hint: The problem may be using differential equations, integrations (real or complex), convergence and continuity theorems, power series expansions etc.

Note: You are free to take problems from your other courses or internet. But direct (without understanding) copy-paste is not allowed. The assignment has to be submitted individually (not in groups). Try to be different.
The solution should be typed using LaTex. A .pdf and corresponding .tex files (both) should be uploaded.

A .tex sample file for that is available at the Lecture Folder (best application files .tex, .bib etc)

The file should have following sections:

1. Describe the application /motivation
2. Formulate the Mathematics
3. Solve the Mathematics
4. Interpretation and significance of the solution for application
5. Bibliography

The name of the file should be your rollno.tex. For example, it could be

201026354.tex and 201026354.pdf and 201026354.bib

If you have image file you can upload that as well with name 201026354_fig.jpg

Please do not zip the files and submit seprate files.

The best way to prepare Bibliography is using bibtex. Learn how you can use it.

Latex Help on Windows Machine:
Step 1: Install Ghostscript & GSview (
/>Step 2: Install Adobe Reader ( You can skip it if you already have it on your system
Step 2: Install Miktex ( : You can install basic one or full
step 3: Install Latex Editor (
In step 3, it will ask for path for miktex bin file just specify that and you are ready to use it.

1. You may require latex math symbols list (
/>2. Get basic info about latex at wiki ( you can download some basic book if you want.
3. One thing that you may want to learn is how to include figures or graphics in tex document see (
/>4. You can draw figures in Xfig (
See some samples in lecture folder for applications but not all of them are good.

Good luck & Happy Deepwali !

Available from: Monday, 25 October 2010, 3:40 PM
Due date: Sunday, 14 November 2010, 10:40 PM