Each group should submit document containing project report and source codes with required configurations created in a workspace of the project work.


- Define a process, which has a well defined set of activities. You can select four or five activities.

- Develop Web service of each activity. You can deploy Web services on your local computer, or use existing Web services, if

you know how to invoke them remotely

- Generate BPEL schema, which can orchestrate these activities

- Test and execute it with sample (but real life) input data

Note: You can snap shots of execution scenario

- After getting proper test results, you can upload a single compressed file containing all related and required files and upload home assignment - 2.

You should upload zip file containing following:

- Project workspace containing all required files related to development of BPEL process
- Project Report

Project report should contain at least following:

- Problem statement
- Logical diagram of process showing various tasks/services
- Brief about each service
- Tools used to generate BPEL schema
- Source of BPEL schema generated
- Implementation and results showing snapshots of execution scenario

Zip file should be based on your IDs.

Available from: Monday, 5 April 2010, 8:00 AM
Due date: Saturday, 8 May 2010, 11:55 PM