FIR Filter Design

Using MATLAB - fdatool design a low pass FIR (equiripple) filter with pass band is (500 time Roll no) Hz, stop band being 1.5 times pass band. Fs is 4 times stop band. used Apass as 1 and Astop as 80, density factor as 20.

You can get the coefficients form Analysis->Filter coefficients. Numbe of taps will be equivalent to the number of coefficients.

Assume sample values from -1 to +1. Use Fix point representation(16bit), Booth multiplication(16x16 which truncated to 16 bits), Carry save addition, implement the above-said filter using HDL. Calculate the error between the golden value(real value multiplication and addition) and the value you are getting from above implementation. Calculate the SNR.

The submission includes, a thourough explanation of FIR filter implementation, pass band, stop band, coefficients, plots for individual multiplication and addition, Plots from fdatool, Plots from FIR filter, SNR calculation and an explanation for above-said things.