CT457 Mobile Communications

Instructor: Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman
Email: hrishikesh@daiict.ac.in
Office: Faculty Block 4, Room No: 4109

This course basically deals with the baseband and PHY layer concepts of wireless communications. It starts with 2nd generation GSM systems and IS-95 based CDMA systems. In the later stages would be OFDM systems, ad hoc and hybrid wireless networks, and finally, an introduction to different wireless standards like 3GPP, WiMAX, etc.

This course is designed for 1st year MTech and final year BTech students. 3rd year BTech (6th Semester) students with strong academic record can also take this course.

1. “Wireless Communications” by T. Rappaport.
and in addition,
a. “Ad hoc Networks – Architectures and Protocols” by B.S. Manoj and C.S.R. Murthy.
b. “MC-CDMA and OFDM Systems”Lajos. Hanzo and Thomas Keller, , Wiley IEEE Press, July 2006.
c. Wireless Network Evolution - Vijay Garg