SC372 - Dynamics of Animation

Introduction to the fundamentals (principles and dynamics) of motion and
movement in animation - theory and practise. To equip students with the
basic concepts, methods/means and language that would enable students to
conceptualise and visualise, to convey simple ideas through animated

Storytelling, Storyboarding, Animatics, Setting a stage and kinetics are the
main areas that would be covered to explore the limits of the medium.
Exploring ways communicate complex ideas and hidden worlds effectively using the language of animation, from entertainment (films and gaming) to
Instructional material.

The art of developing characters for animated films. Deveploping ideas
(character sketches) and visualising characters to turn them into

Lip synchronisation, aesthetics of sound, track laying and creating animated
sequences with/to sound.

Students would be expected to do tutorials in related areas eg. History of
animation, traditional storytelling forms, Comparison of forms in cinema
between live action and the animated film etc..

Film Analysis - viewing and critiquing.

The aim is to sensitise students to the structures and systems and
communication potential of the medium of animation.