IT615 : Database Management Systems
(IT615 : Database Management Systems )

Course Objective:

This course teaches use of Database Management Systems (DBMS) to solve a wide range of information storage, management, and retrieval problems, in organizations ranging from large corporations to personal applications. The course combines the practical aspects of DBMS use with basic theory discussions for database design and administration. The problems with database design and implementations will be discussed. As part of the labs and assignments the students will design and implement a database for the given domain.

Text Books:
Ramakrishnan & Gehrke, Database Management Systems, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2003.
Silberschatz, Korth & Sudarshan, Database System Concepts, 6th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2010
Date C.J., An Introduction to Database Systems, 7th Edition, Addison-Wesley.