CS301-High Performance Computing (2015)

Imparting hands-on training and skills required for working with emerging multi-core computing architectures, by providing students with a solid background in scientific computing approaches and parallel algorithms. Main focus of the course : Shared Memory Parallelism, Distributed Memory Parallelism, Parallel Algorithms. Supported by examples, case-studies and projects.

1. An Introduction to Parallel Programming; Elsevier; by Peter S. Pacheco.
2. Scientific Parallel Computing; Princeton University Press ; by Babak Bagheri Terry Clark
L Ridgway Scott Bagheri Clark Scott
3. PARALLEL PROGRAMMING; Barry Wilkinson, Pearson Education.
4. Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers; G. Hager & G.
Wellein. CRC Press.
5. Algorithms Sequential & Parallel: A Unified Approach, by Millers Russ; Cengage, ISBN
6. Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OpenMP; by Michael J. Quinn ; McGraw-Hill
Higher Education
7. Parallel Computing Theory and Practice. By Michael J. Quinn; McGraw Hill Education