SC-105-Calculus, Where are you? Fall 2015

This exciting course is foundation to your ICT degree. Whatever you do in your life you use some variation of calculus all the time. From your love affairs, to marriage, to divorce, to cook potato, to fly in the plane, to be attacked by flu, to your cell phone etc….it is all about change …. In this course, we shall study some basic calculus of real variables, complex variables and shall see how to solve basic ordinary and partial differential equations with few applications. You should also learn few basics on how to use symbolic computing packages such as Mathematica, Maple or Matlab for doing such calculus. 

Text Book: Thomas's Calculus (Text Book)

Other References and Calculus Apps for Mobile (iOs/ iPad, Android or Windows Phone):  

  1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Jain, RK and SRK Iyengar, 3rd edition, Narosa, 2007 ISBN 978- 81-7319-730-7, New Delhi, India  
  2. PreCalculus ( recalculus.html)
  3. Calculus Course Assistant App ( alculus.html)
  4. Multivariable Calculus ( mvcalculus.html)