SC106 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

It is a core course for BTech I.

Objective : The Course aims to equip students with sound foundation to enable them to take up advanced courses in modelling ,design and Analysis and implementation of ICT systems. Students will learn various mathematical concepts suchas logic ,sets ,counting and selection principals and their applications.

Outcome : On Completion of the course,students will be able to make effective use of language of mathematics in formatingproblems and presenating solutions and Proofs. In perticular ,they will be able to use:

1.formal logic and set theory in construction of software and hardware systems , for example. Writting and verifying a specification or design.

2.linear recursive relation and functions in modelling of problem. They will also be able to verify properties  and find closed form solutions of such models.

3.graphs to model and analyse software , hardware and communication systems.

Prerequisite: Combinatorics-permutation and combinations , binomial coefficients.


Propositional Logic,Predicate Logic, Native Set theory,Proof Mathods, Recursive relations,Graphs,Tress,Finite automata and regular expressions

Topics that will not be done in this course as these are part of other courses:

Lattices,boolean algebra and combinatorial circuits,Groups and rings , Probability and statistics,complexity,computational models and formal languages.


K.H. Rosen . Discrete Mathematics and its application. Tata McGraw-Hill,New Delhi,5th edition,2003.