IT470 - Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology

Did you ever wonder what is the recipeĀ for making us who we are, with 3.5 billion letters of A, C, G and T? What is the difference between mouse and Humans at molecular level? What happens when a virus attacks us? How are all forms of life related? I think many of you have several such questions at some stage of your life and still don't know the answer. You will be surprised to know that now with a degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) you can be really close to finding answers to many such questions with interdisciplinary approach of using mathematics, computer science, statistics, molecular biology, physics, electrical engineering, communication etc. Many aspects of molecular biology can be viewed as information processing and so molecular biology and computer science are very close to each other. It is for this reason one can say that the 21st century is for molecular biology.

This course covers basic techniques mainly algorithmic in nature to answer many questions in molecular biology. We will go through this journey with many case studies